About Run Away


Running community worldwide is simply amazing! Positive vibes mixed with strong emotions surround us wherever we go, making our lives much more vibrant and interesting. Reasons why we started running may differ, but those emotions are what keep us going.

Our running journey started a long time ago.

After many years of “taking”, we decided it is time to give Running something back and help people enjoy it even more!  Our desire to enhance runners’ experience and cast new light on this sport, traditionally viewed as boring, is what drove us into action. That is why we created not-for-profit organization called “Run Away”, and took a new and daring approach in promoting this sport.

One of many steps we made was joining forces with a renowned traveling agency, Top Travel Center. Together, we started organizing amazing trips to races around the world.

You will find that these tours are different from those you got used to. They are custom tailored for runners, but we also never neglect the non-running travelling aspect. While you are travelling with us, we make sure that you properly experience the city, the culture and people of the country your next medal or personal record is coming from. You will see major attractions and enjoy your stay in great accommodations, located in the heart of the world metropolises.

On every trip, we find local guides that can show you around the town and make sure you get all the information you need, spiced with a local flavor.

For groups of 15+ travelers and running enthusiasts, we also send one of our team members to go along with the group and provide the on-site support. At all times, there are at least three members of our team available through our dedicated Viber group, in case you need any kind of support.

We do not leave anything to chance…just to enjoyment.

Run Away running tours are what we are best known for, but we are doing much more to promote running and enhance everyday lives of runners and non-runners, alike. We are constantly communicating with race organizers, advising them on how to make races better. We are organizing charity events, parties for runners and introductory meetups with various running clubs for first-time runners, we support local tourism by organizing sightseeing running tours, we help you finding that inner drive to make a change, and most importantly hail all the heroes on and off the track.

We welcome all people in our family, regardless of their age, gender, religion, nationality, speed, or any other characteristic you may think of. As long as you are positive and open hearted, we would be honored to have you with us.

So, here is to all the runners, and those yet to become ones, here is to young, old, and those that feel out of place! Here is to all who think they cannot, but yet dare to try! Here is to all who are in love with it and cannot imagine spending a week without it! Here is to all who say I hate it, I cannot, Just a little bit more, I must endure…, for they are all heroes, working hard to make themselves better.

Let’s Run the World Together!