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English Heritage Virtual Challenge

English Heritage Virtual Challenge

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English Heritage Virtual Challenge

Meet the Kingdom


English Heritage Virtual Challenge

Meet the Kingdom

You love running, winning medals and the feeling when you conquer your goals?
Or do you simply wish to be in shape?

Run Away virtual challenges will transform your running into an adventure and motivate you to continue training regularly while earning a fantastic medal for your effort!

Challenge duration: May 31st, 2021 – August 30th,2021.
Distance: 252 km
Location: Strava Aplication

Price: 25 €

Challenge info

Get ready to meet the cultural side of England and learn many interesting facts about the English heritage while experiencing the spirit of this island kingdom!

The track leads from Cambridge to Oxford, and along the way passes many interesting landmarks which played significant roles in the history of England.

Strong running tempo is the key to passing through this track’s checkpoints and earning the medal. You will enjoy running down the banks of rivers Cam, Avon, and Thames – even though their beauties might slow down your pace or even make you want to stop and take a break.
On your route, apart from the gorgeous landscape, you will witness unique architectural achievements like The King’s College, The Cromwell Museum in Huntingdon, The Rushton triangular lodge, Warwick Castle, Chastleton House and more!

Once you complete this challenge successfully, you will receive the Reward Pack, delivered to your home address!

The complete RunAway Pack (including Starter Pack and the Reward Pack) includes:

  • An electronic Start number
  • The medal
  • A €10 RunAway voucher for our travels
  • Interactive route guidance (after reaching certain track milestones, you get an email with more details of the landmarks you have encountered on your track)
  • A race completion electronic certificate. To be remembered.
  • A Run Away badge.


RunAway challenge goals and benefits

A scientific research has shown that, in the period of 2012 to 2021, people most often run: to make the bus (20%), after a romantic interest and a potential partner (28%), after a successful career (14%), behind a spouse at the mall trying to keep up (7%), after offspring (21%), after pets (10%). We run for everything, now it is time to run for ourselves.

If we compare the time that an average person spends looking at social networks, a whopping 116 minutes per day, to about 20ish minutes that you would need to bring balance to your body and mind, we can conclude that maintaining physical form and mental hygiene is an investment without risk and with huge payoff.

Now is the time to get out of our chairs, put on some running gear, run, kick ass, power on and have fun – that is how we will always get #nofilterneeded pics.

Stop running after ideals – run for yourself instead; do not collect stress – collect experience and adventures; and replace screen resolution with color and graphics of the world.

Regardless of your reasons, there are many benefits of running:

  1. Physical – regulating body weight, improving metabolism, toning muscles, increased stamina, strengthening the cardio-vascular system and bone structure etc.
  2. Mental – stress relief, mood improvement, increased confidence, boosted productivity and creativity
  3. Social – meeting new people, creating new memories/adventures/experiences, annoying people on Instagram with your cool running pics, bragging to your friends with the medals you had won (so-called medal-bragging, a coinage we just invented), a better chance of outrunning possible ninja assassins etc.
  4. Humanitarian – you will be supporting a good cause, elementary education of children in Serbia

Next steps:

  1. Apply by using the form provided below
  2. Make the payment by following the instructions you will receive to your email after applying
  3. Send a request to join our club on Strava 
  4. Run and enjoy on your favorite track
  5. Regularly update Strava with your training sessions to track your progression towards the finish line
  6. Run 252km in three months and await your prizes

All about the humanitarian side:

To provide support for all things that are beautiful, help our young ones while simultaneously encouraging some of you to do sports and do good for yourself and others, we have decided to join with you in supporting Raymond Nicolet Trust in their humanitarian activities and help build schools in Serbia.

It is time for all of us to step up, run and help the little ones accomplish their giant dreams!
1 € from each completed participation fee will be donated to Raymond Nicolet Trust and we will donate  additional 2 € if you succsessfully complete the challenge. So you won’t be running just for youself, you will be doing for children!


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via our email or through our social platforms. If not, fill in the form and lace up!


Application form


31 May @ 00:00
31 August @ 23:30
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