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Escape from Chernobyl Virtual Run

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Escape from Chernobyl Virtual Run

Escape and save your life


Escape from Chernobyl Virtual Run

Escape and save your life

It is time to make a serious next step and take you to a place where no one dares to run aside from wild animals, the only inhabitants of this area. A lethal place where time has stopped, and which has become a ghost town.
Chernobyl awaits only the bravest and the fastest racers. Are you one of them?

Make your running interesting and simultaneously support the construction of schools in Serbia!

Start of the race: Whenever you are ready
End of the race: 60 days after your application and 1st run
Distance: 145 km
Location: Strava Aplication

Price: 25 €

Our goal, above all, is to make your running experience more exciting and interesting, but also to additionally motivate you to train hard and meet your running goals and objectives. So, relax and embark upon this newest racing adventure with us, which will make running more thrilling and even a bit dangerous!

How to survive and escape Chernobyl?
The rules are very simple, only the fastest will manage to survive and escape the radioactive cloud that is hurtling towards them.

Radioactivity is expanding rapidly, and its deadly influence is the strongest in the first 30km, so your first task is to escape it by running 30km in two weeks to save yourself. If you fail, the game is over for you.
The survivors will continue their fight to stay alive until they reach the safe zone in Kiev. So, if you want to avoid the consequences of radiation exposure, you must reach Kiev (which is 115km away from you now) before the challenge is over.

Remember, this is not just an ordinary race where you will experience a lot of beautiful things along the track – this is a fight to survive that only the fastest will win. Chernobyl does not forgive mistakes!

If you think that there is not enough time and that you have to run fast, imagine how Professor Legasov felt when he had to react quickly and in a matter of minutes – to save the world from destruction.

By participating in this challenge you support children in Serbia!
In an attempt to support the beautiful things in life, help our younglings and encourage some of you to be physically active and do good things for yourselves and others daily, we have decided to, together with you, support the Raymond Nicolet Trust in their humanitarian initiatives and school building and development in Serbia.
It is time for all of us to step into gear, run around and help our little ones on their way to making their huge dreams come true.

All you need to do is add €1 on top of the price of the challenge as a donation to the cause and Run Away will match it euro for euro.
All payments to Raymond Nicolet Trust are made together with the challenge payments, by following the instructions that you will receive after you apply.
For any questions, we are at your disposal. Otherwise, see you at the starting line!
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All runners who successfully finish the challenge will receive our winners package:
• e-BIB
• Custom made amazing and overly beautiful medal
• Voucher for 10 € for Run Away real travels
• Regular checkpoint bulletins (you will learn all about the Chernobyl disaster, secrets, scientists…)
• A certificate confirming that you have survived Chernobyl, that you are not radioactive and that you are not a danger to others.
• Run Away badge

All you have to do is:
1. Be brave/crazy enough to accept this challenge
2.  Apply via our website
3. Make a payment via PayPal
4. Send a request to join our club via Strava – Link
5. Run and find out everything about Chernobyl
6. Regularly update your runs on Strava so we could monitor your progress
7. Run 30km in 2 weeks. If you survive the first 30km, then you must continue running from the radioactive cloud until you reach Kiev
8. Brag about how you escaped from the most dangerous location in the world, and how you ran the track no one has run before you.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via our email or through our social platforms. If not, fill in the form and lace up!

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