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Serbian Fortresses Virtual Challenge

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Serbian Fortresses Virtual Challenge

A Virtual Race Through the History


Serbian Fortresses Virtual Challenge

A Virtual Race Through the History

Ready,  get set,  and join us for the next running challenge!
Run along the riverbanks of the Danube and travel back through time all the way to Roman and Ottoman empires.

Start of the race: Whenever you are ready
End of the race: 90 days after your application and 1st run
Distance: 160 km
Location: Strava Application
Who can participate: This challenge is available to people from England, France and Serbia

Price: 25 €

By participating in this challenge you support children in Serbia!
In cooperation with Raymond Nicolet Trust, we are raising money to provide necessities for 3 education centres and 3 € from each participation fee will go towards that goal.
Please keep in mind that without Raymond Nicolet Trust it would not be possible to organize this challenge in England and France (or at least not at this price), so feel free to visit their website, maybe you would like to contribute more. 

What’s in it for you
Our goal is to make your run a thrilling experience, keep you motivated to train hard to achieve your running goals and overcome new challenges.

At the same time, this is a chance to have an insightful run through Serbia’s medieval history by learning about enchanting fortresses that serve as remnants of the turbulent history of this region along the riverbanks of the Danube.

As your run progresses, we will send you interesting information and trivia about locations you have just passed by.

All runners who successfully finish the challenge will receive our winners package:
• e-BIB
• Custom made amazing and overly beautiful medal
• Voucher for 10 € for Run Away real travels
• Interactive route guidance and tracking (after certain checkpoints, you will be receiving a PDF file with some info on the landmarks you encounter on your track)
• A race completion certificate. So that you always remember it!
• Run Away badge



All you need to know about your latest running adventure
Before you start your Serbia’s Fortresses Virtual Challenge, here are some basic route information to give you a hint of the splendours that await you.

These spectacular stone giants are still standing tall, defiantly refusing to give in. Their indestructible ramparts are always vigilantly watching, waiting… always ready to defend from different enemies, from powerful old empires to time itself.

From the famous Kalemegdan in Belgrade to Smederevo. From Roman Viminacium to Ram and Golubac fortress, you will relive the history of mighty empires. You will face the deepest and narrowest parts of the Danube river through its entire flow, and if you are lucky, you might even find the hidden treasure of cursed Jerina.

All you have to do is:
1. Apply through the form below
2. Make a payment via PayPal
3. Send a request to our Strava club – Link
4. Run and enjoy your favorite trac
5. Regularly update your Strava account with your runs, to ensure we can track your progress towards the finish line
6. Run 160km in 3 month, starting with your first step and await your prize when done.
7. Prepare for the delivery of your winners’ package

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
If not, fill your application and we will see you at the start of Serbia’s Fortresses Virtual Challenge.


Application form


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